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The Livingston Players have been an active part of the Livingston County Michigan cultural community since 1962.  Typically, we have mounted seasons consisting of three major productions and one or two children's plays.  During the 1980's and 1990's we made our home in the Mill Pond Theater in downtown Brighton, Michigan.  It was a City owned facility and, unfortunately, outlived the City's plan for the site it occupied. After being homeless for several years, we are now sharing space in the COBACH  Center  building.

Since the Mill Pond Theater we have been performing in schools, banquet facilities, churches, and meeting rooms. We are very proud and grateful to be part of the CoBACH center. We are currently focusing our efforts on providing an intimate theater experience on our small stage at the CoBACH. In addition, we are pleased to bring Love, Loss and What I Wore, Junior Theater, The Art of Hula for fitness, Blue Lantern on Main, Open Mic Night, Poetry Slam, History Alive, theater arts workshops, Hawaiian Arts, and HoHOHOlidays! to downtown Brighton.

Brighton’s Own 

Livingston Players


LOVE, LOSS, and What I Wore

by Nora and Delia Ephron

May 9,10, 16 &17, 2014.
7:30 pm

Tickets ($10.00) are on sale at the COBACH building and at the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce.
Click here to reserve tickets.

Questions: 810-772-9544

Brighton’s Own 

Livingston Players

Continues the



“An Evening with Mary Todd Lincoln”

June 6, 7, 20 and 21, 2014
7:30 pm

This the second in a series of “History Alive” presentations.

Tickets ($5.00) will be on sale at the COBACH building and at the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce.

ONE OF OUR BRIGHTEST STARS is now gone forever 

For long time Livingston Players, the name Tom Parks will bring up warm memories of a dear friend to Livingston Players. One of our original members, Tom passed away September 7th. 2013. He was a talented composer, actor and all round classy guy that will be missed by all of us and by his surviving wife, Chris. Rest in Peace dear friend!

Check out the new newsletter for the Livingston Players  - the Curtain Call. 

Next Players meeting: March 18, 2014  7:00 P.M.

Meetings for Brighton’s Own Livingston Players are held each month on the third Tuesday evening of each month at the CoBACH building at 202 W. Main Street in Brighton. The call to order comes promptly at 7:00 p.m. and all members are welcome to attend. The business of this theater group is done at these meetings, so please plan to attend. 

Gracias!, Merci, Danka, Thank You! 


A very big thank you goes out to Melanie and George Moses at the Marketeer. Longtime members and patrons of Brighton’s Own Livingston Players. As a non-profit, we depend so much on the volunteers and sponsors who support our efforts. The Marketeer, year after year has provided advertising, and countless other creative solutions and assistance in promoting our shows. Thank you Melanie and George. Not just members , and patrons....but true angels of the arts.

BIG/PDQ Business Imaging Group

Kirk and Tammy Albrecht have been supporters for many years, and champions of our group for just as long. We so appreciate their support in helping us keeping us in touch with our patrons.

Ted and Jane VonVoigtlander Foundation

Aside from the extraordinary support this foundation gives to many worthy causes, they also have found value in supporting our Blue Lantern On Main program. Their generous funding has helped us to update equipment, sponsor contests, replace outdated stage supplies and provide new and much needed equipment and costs for our program. Thank you!

Our board and members

Donating time and efforts for no pay and continued support as we have regrouped over the last few years. Where would we be without our board, and our public supporters. They do it for the love of theater.....we couldn’t do it without you.

 For further information email us at or join our emailing list.

For ticket information email us at or join our emailing list.

Corporate Sponsor of the Livingston Players  : The Marketeer

Our Blue Lantern season is underwritten by the Ted and Jane VonVoigtlander Foundation

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